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There’s a lot that goes into the operation of Vettä Spa, and a lots of different activities to choose from. If you have questions about our development, our operational guidelines, or what we offer, you’ll find the answers right here.

Vettä anticipates a grand opening in the fall of 2021. Please sign up for emails from us so we can let you know about a firm opening date as well as opportunities to get ahead of the crowds.

We will be located about an hour north of Toronto or 15 minutes north of Barrie, in Horseshoe Valley. Specifically, we will be on the 3rd line between Horseshoe Valley Road and Bass Lake Road, across the road from the top of the ski slopes.

Vettä will be open daily. Please sign up for emails in order to participate in near future surveys that will help us determine our hours of operation.

A Nordic, Scandinavian, or Thermal Spa encourages the guest to follow a centuries-old traditional method of relieving stress, eliminating body toxins, and improving blood circulation.

The ritual involves moving the body through a cycle called thermotherapy: hot, cold, rest, and repeat. Options for increasing the body temperature include; saunas, steam baths and hot pools of different temperatures. A rapid plunge into cold water or pouring a bucket over one’s head then immediately cools the body down. A rest period for relaxation follows that, allowing the body and mind to re-center and get to a point where the cycle is craved and repeated.

While moving through the steps, the guest hydrates regularly and refuels the body with proper nourishment. Adding to the overall Nordic Spa experience, going through the thermotherapy cycle in a serene outdoor location encourages one to also connect the mind and body with nature.

Scandinavian countries are the following collective of countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The Nordic countries also include Finland and Iceland. The words “Nordic” and “Scandinavian” have been used interchangeably for many years as an adjective to describe the location, goods, services and cultures of these geographically close countries.

Vettä will accommodate and respect our guests’ desire to follow their own individual plan during their visit.

In Finland, the sauna is treated as an inspirational experience and social interaction is the norm. We feel that our society increasingly limits social interaction with the use of smartphones and experts agree that this factor is a cause of increased anxiety and depression in our society. We feel that respectful social interaction is important for one’s well-being as talking quietly with one another often helps calms the spirit.

To accommodate all, we will have both a social zone and a quiet zone, each with their own saunas, pools and relaxation areas. Our main building, featuring a bistro, restaurant and locker area, will be a respectable social zone.

Vettä will post guest rates for various services offered on the website. Please sign up for emails from us to receive these future updates.

At this time, Vettä does not plan to offer monthly or annual memberships or passes. We are looking into special offers for multiple visits or frequent guest entrance discounts. We will announce special offers on our website. Please sign up for emails to stay updated on these opportunities.

Vettä will be 19 years of age or older. Please sign up for emails as we will have a survey to help us determine a minimum age for entry.

Yes, our massages will be performed by RMT’s and will therefore qualify for individual insurance programs. Guests will be eligible for reimbursement to the level of their coverages.

Yes, guests will be able to book massages ahead of time. Please sign up for emails with from us and you will be notified when we begin booking.

Yes, we will have an area that can be closed off for private events, accommodating approximately 40 people with an additional 30 people on the patio, depending on weather conditions. In the future, bookings for this area can be made through our website or by contacting us so that we can address your specific needs.

There are overnight and longer-term accommodations within a 5-minute walk, available at the Carriage Hills & Ridge Resort. Alternatively, a quick drive or potential shuttle will take you to Horseshoe Valley Resort, where both hotel rooms and condo rentals are offered on a short- and long-term rental basis. Additionally, Vettä is approximately a 15-minute drive from hotels in Barrie.

Yes, we do! Please click here to see our gift card options.

Horseshoe Valley is known for 4 season outdoor activity. You’ll find Horseshoe ResortCarriage Hills & Ridge Resorts and Hardwood Ski and Bike nearby. We are surrounded by pristine trails for hiking and opportunities for cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, tubing, snowshoeing, cycling, golfing, swimming, boating, fishing and so much more.