Nestled in the highlands of Horseshoe Valley, you’re surrounded by nature with the added elements of fire and water.

Our four-season Nordic spa is designed around the age-old Finish tradition of hydrotherapy. A thermal experience consisting of alternating between periods of hot, cold and relaxation that is proven to boost your immunity and improve your over-all well-being. 

Whether you are craving solitude and enjoying our quiet zone or needing to spend some quality time with another in our respectful social zone, you will have plenty of amenities to choose from.

vetta nordic spa hydrotherapy
vetta nordic spa hot icon blue

Kuuma / Hot


Start the hydrotherapy cycle by heating up your body’s temperature. By doing this you are:

  • Dilating your blood vessels
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Increasing blood flow to skin and muscles
  • Eliminating toxins

Note: Listen to your body and if you do not enjoy the heat, find another source. Remember to stay hydrated and nourished.

Ideal stops on the Vettä path for heat:

  • Vettä signature scented steam room
  • Unscented steam room
  • Small electric saunas
  • Large wood burning sauna
  • Hot stone room
  • Exfoliating salt scrub and showers
vetta nordic spa cold hydrotherapy
vetta nordic spa cold icon blue

Kylmä / Cold


Once your body temperature has been elevated for 15-20 minutes, you will cool off with a sudden cold plunge via one of our cold plunge pools, or a cold plunge bucket. 

By rapidly decreasing your body’s temperature you will be:

  • Closing your pores
  • Activating nervous system to improve circulation
  • Improving muscle pain, inflammation and respiratory problems
  • Reducing lactic acid build-up
  • Increasing heart rate
  • Releasing feel-good endorphins

Ideal stops on the Vettä path for cold:

  • Cold plunge pool
  • Cold plunge bucket
  • Roll in the snow if it’s that time of year!
vetta nordic spa hydrotherapy massage
vetta nordic spa relaxing tree icon blue

Levätä / Relax


This is a critical stage throughout the hydrotherapy cycle and should not be rushed. You will find many ways to relax at Vettä and we encourage you to explore and embrace them all. Taking time to calm your body and mind will:

  • Rebalance your central nervous system
  • Stabilize heart rate
  • Gain mental relaxation and clarity

Added opportunities during the relaxation stage is to:

  • Relax body tensions by booking a massage
  • Refuelling your body with nutrition from our bistro or restaurant

Ideal stops on the Vettä path for relaxation:

  • Warm relaxation pools
  • Relaxation rooms with gas or wood burning fire
  • Many cozy hammocks, Muskoka Chairs and Loungers throughout
  • Pre-book a massage and treat yourself to ultimate relaxation
  • Enjoy delicious food and drink at the bistro or restaurant

discover relaxation

Along the path

The numerous benefits offered through hydrotherapy are maximized when you repeat the hot, cold, relax cycle 3 times during your visit. Yet, everyone will discover what suits them best and in what order they prefer to enjoy the amenities.

veta nordic spa radiant heat icon

Every floor and pathway throughout Vettä (indoor and outdoor) is warmed by radiant heat for your added comfort

vetta nordic spa hammock icon

Cozy areas with hammocks, Muskoka chairs, loungers, and wood burning fires will aid you through your relaxation cycle

veta nordic spa water bottle icon

Stay hydrated and easily refill your reusable water bottle at the many hydration stations located throughout Vettä

Please listen to your body and stay hydrated. When you explore all that Vettä has to offer you, you will find your own path towards ultimate relaxation.