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Your Sneak Peek at a Finnish Spa: The Project Page

If you’re a longtime visitor to Vettä’s website, you may have noticed that we underwent a bit of a makeover. Among the new and exciting features we’ve put together, we’re especially excited to introduce you to the Project page. This page is your front-row ticket to Vettä’s development and growth, and today, we’re ready to take you on a preliminary tour of the construction grounds. To see it for yourself, make sure to watch our video.

Ready? Let’s begin in the Relaxation Room.

Relaxation Room

While construction is taking place, this area goes by the less-glamorous name of “Building 4.” However, once it’s completed, it’ll be one of the most-visited areas of Vettä. Conveniently located next to the on-site bistro, social area, and pool, the Relaxation Room features two functioning garage doors that can be opened at will, allowing guests to enjoy the natural breeze and fresh air of Horseshoe Valley. 

The Saunas

Known as Buildings 3 and 9 for now, the saunas at this Finnish spa are not to be missed. Building 3 features sharply steeped iconic rooflines. These angles are echoed throughout the rest of Vettä’s architecture and branding, from our website design to the other buildings on-site. Building 9, one of Vettä’s large signature saunas, is sided with wood flown in from central Finland. It took 13 weeks for the wood to make its long journey, but when you see it, we think you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

In the social area, you’ll be able to enjoy a Finnish sauna on three levels of large, curved benches. In the center of the sauna, you’ll find a Finnish wood-burning fireplace, allowing you to enjoy an authentic sauna experience. At the same time, the large glass windows on the front of the building will allow you to drink in the view of the trees and landscaped area outside.

The Sisu Sauna, modeled after Helsinki’s Löyly Sauna, features tiers of raised seating, and with a projected capacity of up to 86 people at a time, it’s on track to be one of the largest saunas in Ontario. And of course, as with any true Finnish spa and sauna, you’ll find a wood-burning fireplace.

The Quiet Zone

While a social connection is a key piece of what makes an authentic Finnish spa, we recognize that sometimes, what you really need is a bit of peace and quiet, just for you. There are three buildings in our quiet zone, separated from the social area. You’ll find a relaxation room, a hot stone room, two pools, and a sauna, so you can get the complete Vettä experience without ever having to leave the quiet zone. No matter where you choose to spend your time, you’ll be able to see and enjoy the forest surrounding Vetta.

The Main Building

The main building is home to the reception area, massage vista, gift shop, and dining areas. Even from the spa zone, you’ll notice the Lumon Room. Named after a Finnish company, this exterior bistro room is marked by gorgeous glass panels and doors, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty and warmth of the outdoors from indoors.

The entry to Vettä will actually be several levels higher than the spa area itself. When you exit into the spa area, you’ll walk into a feeling of seclusion from road traffic and the rest of the world, where all you have to focus on is your relaxation. On the second-level patio area, a waterfall will stream down directly into the social zone hot pool and continue through a series of smaller waterfalls towards the social sauna. No matter where you are in the main building, you’ll find something beautiful to admire.

The Fine Details

Vettä will be open year-round, and our primary goal is your comfort and relaxation. That’s why we’ve paid attention to the small details, like heated outdoor pathways, to ensure that nothing interferes with your experience – not even the weather. We didn’t forget about the buildings, either; you won’t find any icy tiles to shock you out of your relaxed mood, because all the floors will be heated as well, including those in the main building.

We still have plenty to do to get Vetta ready for your visit, but our goal from the very beginning has been to create a small, authentic piece of Finland that you can enjoy whenever you wish. Vettä Nordic Spa is a short 15-minute drive outside Barrie, and only an hour away from the GTA.

Follow our Project page for more construction updates and sneak peeks at Vettä’s development. To be among the first to hear about special news and sales, make sure to sign up for our mailing list. 


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We are pleased to offer you introductory pricing as we open our booking software at a lower capacity limit to give us the ability to adapt to our procedures and focus on giving you the best experience.

During this introductory window, we will not be opening the restaurant, however the bistro will be in full operation. There may be a few finishing touches left to do around Vettä and we ask for your understanding ahead of time. We are still hard at work to complete every last detail and plan to be in full swing by spring of 2022.

Until then, we welcome you to come and experience our Massage, Nordic Spa and Bistro. We thank you for helping us to shape Vettä into one of Ontario’s top destinations!

Please Keep In Mind:

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