When Was the Last Time You Unplugged? Here’s Why You Should Consider Doing So in 2020

When you wake up in the morning, do you take a few moments to check in with yourself and consider the day you have ahead? Chances are if you are like most people, you reach for your cell phone before considering anything else; browsing through your apps, checking your messages and getting caught up on the social updates that have gone out throughout the night. It’s true that many of us tend to see what the rest of the world is up to before we sit and contemplate our own thoughts.

Of course, technology has incredible benefits and for most employees, access to it is necessary to perform individual job duties efficiently. It also serves a great purpose for connecting with family and friends who you might not otherwise stay in touch with. Technology is constantly changing and developing; however, researchers are discovering more insight as to how it directly impacts our mental health and well-being.

Perhaps you are one of the few that doesn’t spend countless hours on a digital device; you are a rare breed! For those that fall into the other category, you may want to read further and consider taking a break from your phone or other digital device.

So, why take a break from technology and unplug?

Limits stress

A day at work can be draining on your brain as is; you need time to recover and step away from your work obligations mentally, to limit work related stress. Being “on” 24/7 isn’t necessary and it’s definitely not healthy for your mind, body or spirt. Whenever possible, leave work matters at work, and enjoy the time you have at home doing something you enjoy. Whether this means spending quality time with your family or unwinding with a good book, you should steer away from work stresses, such as checking your email, once you’re finished work for the day.

Provides newfound time

It’s incredible what you can accomplish when you put down your phone or computer for a few hours. Consider the time you spend simply scrolling through your phone or tablet checking in on social media updates, browsing the internet, or watching your favourite Netflix shows? Now take a moment and contemplate all the ways in which you could be using this time differently. For instance, you could take up a new exciting class, meet a friend for coffee, go for a walk, or simply relax at home without any digital distractions. If you’re not aware of the time you’re spending online, there are apps that allow you to track your activity. You may be shocked to discover just how much time you’re staring at a screen each day. Of course, we aren’t knocking technology, it’s simply all about balancing your time out in a healthy manner.

Improves physical health

Taking a break away from your screen is also beneficial for your physical health as well! It’s not ideal for your body to be hunched over your phone or desk for 8 hours, only to go home and do the same on the couch. Your eyes, neck, hands, and back, will eventually all feel the consequences, as muscles are quickly strained and can cause headaches, carpal tunnel and general aches. Take it a step further and use this time instead, to exercise, walk, jog, hike or bike, and you’re reaping even greater health benefits.

Allows you to be present

There is so much addiction surrounding technology, that we find ourselves wondering what other people are up to, continuously checking emails, posts and messages every hour, rather than simply remaining present and absorbing all the wonderful things happening in real life before our eyes. Unplugging allows you to embrace those little but important precious moments with your family and loved ones before they are missed entirely. When you are dedicated to remaining in the moment, you may find that your urge to check in on the online world diminishes over time, which can be a really freeing feeling.

The fear of missing out, also known as FOMO, is a psychological disorder brought on by social media. We see our connections going out or going on vacation and we want that for our lives! We get bombarded with notifications of events happening all around us. Unplugging means you won’t know what you’re “missing”.  Live in the present moment!

Decreases negative feelings and loneliness

Unplugging from our cellphones; specifically, social media, gives us more opportunity to be thankful for what we have rather than constantly comparing ourselves. Social media can sometimes cause feelings of loneliness, depression, envy, jealously and dissatisfaction which directly impacts our mental state. Stepping away from these apps once in awhile is important to minimize such feelings. It’s also important to remember that a lot of what is shared on social media is not always an accurate representation of someone’s life. Comparing yourself to one’s “highlight reel” is not a healthy practice.

Increases solitude and self-reflection

Due to the sheer fact that we are more connected than ever before, there seems to be less time for self reflection, meditation and solitude; all very important practices for self development and satisfaction. Sometimes taking the time to evaluate where we’re at in life, our goals, and what’s important to us without constant digital distraction, is necessary.

Reconnect Your Mind, Body, and Soul at Vetta

At Vetta, we are all about taking time to unwind, de-stress, and most importantly unplug from the outside world. Staying present and enjoying the moment can be a challenge these days, but as previously mentioned, the health benefits are endless.

We challenge you this New Year to do something different. Experience something new, learn a new skill, experiment with an interesting hobby, try meditation, take a day trip somewhere you’ve never been before.

Taking “Me” time without the distraction of your screen, will improve your focus and concentration dramatically, and it will also encourage personal wellness and growth. When we unplug, we give ourselves the time and space to decompress and recharge, which makes us feel better and makes us more effective when we return to work. So, what you are waiting for? Give yourself a digital detox and reflect on how you feel during and after. You may surprise yourself!

Vetta can’t wait to open our doors to you! We’d love to be a part of your “off-line” experience. Seek solitude and come on your own, enjoying the silence and relaxation of thermotherapy and massage, or plan an afternoon with some friends and embrace connecting with those you value in person, sweating it out in our hot saunas. A memorable and refreshing day over some laughs and good conversation might be just what you need.

Thank you for your interest in Vettä Nordic Spa

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