Time to Take: The Hidden Value of In-Between Moments

Time is carefully structured in daily life. Work happens in fifteen-minute increments, while mindfulness and meditation are condensed to five or ten minutes. We get thirty minutes for lunch, and we plan for twenty-minute commutes to arrive at an appointment five minutes early. Even the moments we’re supposed to cherish, like reading a bedtime story or chatting with a loved one, are frequently pared down to the bare minimum, to save time, to make time, to find more time, all the time.

Why? Well, time is precious…right?

It’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind of life, to get swept along by other people’s priorities and our own ambitions. However, there is hidden value in time that can’t – and shouldn’t – be priced out. To discover it, we must first examine time’s usual currency: stress.

The Pervasive Nature of Stress

We all feel it in different ways, but stress is a part of life for most of the planet. A 2018 UK study reported that 74% of those surveyed felt stress to the point of being overwhelmed. Surveys from the United States report that 83% of workers suffer from stress created by their jobs. Unfortunately, stress isn’t isolated to working hours. Sleep deprivation, headaches, aches, and chest pain can all manifest as side effects.

New sources of stress seem to be everywhere we turn, and there never seems to be enough time in the day to address all of them. We can’t create extra hours, but one of the best solutions to addressing the stress of our lives is by simply refusing to allow it to claim our time.

The Beauty of the In-Between

Hollywood movies are filled with non-stop action, tension, or talking. It’s considered odd to be unreachable by phone or email, even outside of work hours. We’re so focused on cramming as much as possible into the day that we sacrifice quality for quantity to the point where our relationships, our health, and our work suffers for it.

In Western culture, a great deal of emphasis is placed on action, on productivity, on having something to say at all times and for all topics. Quiet, slowness, and emptiness, conversely, is avoided almost to the point of fear.

When we developed the idea of “time to take,” it was to try and find a way to describe the ephemeral. How do you convey the beauty of emptiness with endless possibility? When we have a rare, blank space in our calendar, we rush to fill it. There’s always something productive we could be doing instead, some task that we really ought to have finished already.

Our argument is not that the space should be left blank.

It is that it should be experienced wholly.

The Value of Nothing

As dedicated as we are to our families and our work, we’re woefully lackluster when it comes to valuing ourselves and our time in equal measure. Giving ourselves fifteen minutes to do whatever we feel like can seem wasteful, but time spent for oneself is one of your most valuable possessions.

Our world tends to view time as finite, always ticking away, and emphasizes getting the most “bang for your buck,” so to speak, by trying to squeeze as much out of every minute as possible. Rather than trying to stretch it thin, we advocate bundling yourself in time, running your hands along the length and savoring how every minute feels under your fingertips.

Everyone experiences it differently. Some discover it when quietly soaking in a warm pool, savouring the sense of ripples and water droplets. Others find it in the company of friends, laughing and talking and enjoying the sunshine.

These experiences don’t hold value in the sense of dollars or dividends, but they crystallize in our minds as some of the most precious moments of our lives. These flashes of reclaimed time provide colour and context to who we are, allowing us to return the hustle of daily life with renewed balance.

The Freedom to Find Time to Take

Vettä was created as a place to rediscover the beauty of time in whatever manner speaks to you. Whether it’s spending time in a sauna, relaxing under a massage, or reconnecting over a meal, our goal is to allow guests to experience time in an authentic, meaningful way.

We’re so excited for you to explore what we have to offer, and we hope that Vettä will always be a place where time is yours to take.

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