The Season of Change is Coming: Stress Management Tips

The start to September typically rouses either the excitement or the dread of change. It can signal the end of summer vacation if you’re a student. Or, if summer is your favourite season, it could evoke a sigh of realization that little remains of summer. Additionally, as the leaves change, some decide to pack up and move homes during this time.

Whatever your situation may be, 2020 certainly hasn’t been a stress-free year, to say the least. We’ve assembled some tips for reducing stress as the season changes.

Listen to Your Body

Are you hungry? Tired? Irritable? Our body constantly communicates with us to serve our own best interests. Listen to your body. Rest when you need to, say “no” when you need a break and always drink lots of water. Keeping in tune with yourself and your needs comes from practicing mindfulness. We often get so wrapped up in the constant motion of daily living that we forget to check in with ourselves. Set a reminder on your phone to check in with yourself and take a break from whatever you’re doing. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the air fill your lungs.

Stay Active

We all know that there are numerous health benefits to keeping active, including reducing the risk of developing health issues later on in life. Additionally, exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress. As the months grow colder and winter draws near, keeping active can feel challenging and eating well can be difficult during the holiday season. Make it a priority to move on a daily basis. Whether that means getting up to stretch during the day or take a brisk walk, anything helps. Alternatively, there are a variety of home workouts available to make sure you keep active, without having to leave your house.

Talk to Someone

Sometimes, you just need to vent or release the pent up energy. Luckily, the progression of technology allows many avenues to virtually communicate with others. Be it a good old fashioned phone call, Zoom or texting, there’s ample ways to get in touch with others!

Take Some Time For You

We often find ourselves doing so much for others that we forget to take some time for ourselves. If you’re feeling stressed, take some time to take care of yourself by doing what you love. Whether that entails going for a walk in nature, reading a book or taking a bubble bath, doing what you enjoy will help decrease your stress levels.

At Vettä Spa, we believe in the importance of taking time for yourself. When our doors eventually open our thermotherapy and massage services will be just what you need to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries.

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