Self-Care for the Soul: Setting and Keeping Goals

a book with an inspirational saying: "wish for it, hope for it, dream of it. But by all means do it"

Our Finnish spa is designed around the goal of achieving complete relaxation for our guests. Every aspect of our spa’s design and work culture has been carefully designed to contribute to this goal. However, goal-setting isn’t just important for professional achievement. It’s also a vital aspect of everyday self-care, but it’s frequently overlooked in favour […]

Ystävänpäivä: Celebrating Friendship

In North America, February is most frequently associated with Valentine’s Day. At the beginning of the month, stores begin to carry everything related to hearts, cards, and chocolates to give to your sweetheart on February 14th. It’s a nice way to celebrate your partner, but increasingly, people are using Valentine’s Day to celebrate the many […]

Our Finnish Spa Secret for Glowing Skin

a woman smiling and touching her face

One of the easiest ways to instantly feel and look your best is to take care of your skin. After all, it’s the largest organ in your body, and it’s constantly exposed to the elements of the world. However, with all the 10-step beauty care routines and the specialized products, it’s hard to find a […]

How to Celebrate the New Year Like the Finnish

two mimosas set against a white background

The celebration of the end of a year happens for two reasons. The first is to commemorate the year that’s passed, with all of the ups and downs it brought with it. The second is to welcome the new year, and to revel in the wide-open possibilities it represents. In years past, one of the […]

The Fundamentals of Nordic Cuisine

Any food lover knows the world of cuisine is vast and best approached with an open mind. There is an abundance of options available when preparing your meal, from the number of spices you add to the way it’s cooked. The options are endless and that is one factor that is so enjoyable about food. […]