How to Sauna Like the Finns (Even If You’ve Never Left Ontario)

For many Ontarians, the idea of a sauna might be something they’ve only ever heard about. This might even be the first time you’ve actually considered going to one! In Finland, saunas aren’t just a big deal; they’re an essential part of life, from private home saunas to corporate saunas in the office. Once you’ve […]

6 Ways a Finnish Spa Helps You Focus on Your Body and Mind

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A spa day is shorthand for pampering yourself, but it can actually be much more beneficial to both your body and your mind than you might realize. Sure, it’s time to focus on yourself, but the time spent in such a way isn’t a luxury – it really should be a necessity. Today, we’re going […]

Why Canada Loves Saunas (And Why You Will, Too)

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At Vettä Nordic Spa, we’re defined by our signature sauna experience. Unless you’ve spent time in a sauna before, the idea might sound like a strange concept brought over from Finland, or a niche experience that only a select few enjoy. You might be surprised to learn that sauna use is actually a growing trend […]

Silence and Socialization at the Spa

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With Valentine’s Day and Family Day behind us, February can feel like a time for others rather than a time to take for ourselves.  Sometimes, when life gets busy, you just need a little quiet time. It also depends on what kind of person you are. Some people relish their quiet time and find socialization […]

Christmas in Finland: Food, Family, and Saunas

There’s something special and lovely about the end of the year. Here in Canada (and certainly in Finland), temperatures drop but spirits are high, lights glimmer on trees and streetlamps, and music drifts through the air alongside fluffy snowflakes. As we get ready for the holiday season, similar preparations are taking place in Finland. From […]

The Importance of the Finnish Sauna

At VETTÄ, our signature saunas are the heart of our thermotherapy program, but their importance stretches far beyond just feeling good and being good for you. Saunas are an integral part of Finnish culture, used in almost every social setting from business meetings to catching up with friends. Understanding the history of their use adds […]