Turn Your Backyard Into a Spa With 4 Finnish-Inspired Water Infusions

For years, people have enjoyed the health benefits of fruit extracts. Now, there are new infusions that combine the great taste of natural extracts with some of the best herbs and spices available. One of the easiest ways to enjoy fruit flavours while still enjoying all the health benefits of water is to make refreshing […]

Cultivate Calm to Achieve a Better Night’s Sleep

Getting proper sleep on a regular basis is fundamental in leading a healthy, productive life. Good sleep is directly correlated to the state of your emotional, mental and physical well-being. Eating well, exercising and taking time to care for ourselves are imperative to our overall health. A primary focus at Vettä Spa is taking care […]

DIY Tips For Dry Hands

Over the past few months, you’ve likely been sanitizing and washing your hands frequently. Both are key in keeping yourself and others healthy. You may have noticed that your hands have been a lot drier and possibly irritated recently, which—pardon the pun—goes hand in hand with the frequent hand washing. As the weather gradually grows […]

6 Ways a Finnish Spa Helps You Focus on Your Body and Mind

Woman lying on grass with her hands towards the viewer in a heart shape

A spa day is shorthand for pampering yourself, but it can actually be much more beneficial to both your body and your mind than you might realize. Sure, it’s time to focus on yourself, but the time spent in such a way isn’t a luxury – it really should be a necessity. Today, we’re going […]

The Season of Change is Coming: Stress Management Tips

The start to September typically rouses either the excitement or the dread of change. It can signal the end of summer vacation if you’re a student. Or, if summer is your favourite season, it could evoke a sigh of realization that little remains of summer. Additionally, as the leaves change, some decide to pack up […]

Summer Inspiration: The Art & Health Benefits of Picnicking

Let’s begin with a simple question. When was the last time you went on a picnic? For many of us, the answer is somewhere along the lines of “Last year” or “A few years ago.” Picnicking is one of the most easily accessible activities, but when we do make it out with our favourite blanket […]

How Spending Time in Nature Improves Your Life in More Ways Than One

woman relaxing in forest at vetta nordic spa

June 20th marked the beginning of the summer solstice, known as the first day of summer. Although, it has felt like summer for a few weeks now. With many summer events being cancelled and certain social restrictions still in place, many of us are searching for ways to occupy ourselves and uplift our spirits. Spending […]

Finnish Spa Skincare Routines You Can Do at Home

vetta nordic spa skincare blog

Taking care of our bodies is one of the easiest things we can do to feel better and relieve stress, but ironically, we tend to get so caught up in other concerns that we put it aside. For many people, their skincare routine may include nothing more than a quick cleanse with bath soap. What […]

Social Distancing? Self-Isolation? Practice Self-Care

You’ve likely heard about the COVID-19 pandemic on the news. During times like this, a lot of us have our attention fixated on social media and news outlets to try to stay up to date, which can cause more stress and anxiety. During this time, most businesses, schools, and restaurants have shut their doors, leaving […]

Why Canada Loves Saunas (And Why You Will, Too)

vetta nordic spa sauna blog

At Vettä Nordic Spa, we’re defined by our signature sauna experience. Unless you’ve spent time in a sauna before, the idea might sound like a strange concept brought over from Finland, or a niche experience that only a select few enjoy. You might be surprised to learn that sauna use is actually a growing trend […]