How to Sauna Like the Finns (Even If You’ve Never Left Ontario)

For many Ontarians, the idea of a sauna might be something they’ve only ever heard about. This might even be the first time you’ve actually considered going to one! In Finland, saunas aren’t just a big deal; they’re an essential part of life, from private home saunas to corporate saunas in the office. Once you’ve […]

Turn Your Backyard Into a Spa With 4 Finnish-Inspired Water Infusions

For years, people have enjoyed the health benefits of fruit extracts. Now, there are new infusions that combine the great taste of natural extracts with some of the best herbs and spices available. One of the easiest ways to enjoy fruit flavours while still enjoying all the health benefits of water is to make refreshing […]

4 Inspirational Finnish Sayings You Can Apply to Your Life

In English, there are a lot of common sayings that may sound bizarre but hold life lessons and truth. Sayings such as “throw caution to the wind,” or “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” are used time and time again, but contain valuable life lessons. A part of life is honouring the […]

Juhannuspäivä: The Finnish Celebration of Midsummer

In Canada, the May 2-4 weekend signifies the unofficial arrival of summer. Fireworks light up the night sky, cottages and pools re-open once again, and the thought of winter tires is nothing more than a distant memory. The arrival of summer is a joyous and hopeful time here in Canada, especially after a seemingly long […]

How To Channel The Nordic Resilience of Sisu

As we’ve mentioned before, “Sisu” is a way of life ingrained in Finnish culture. With an array of weather conditions in Finland, Fins don’t believe in the concept of waiting for the sun to shine to go about their day. Experiencing nature is an integral part of the Finnish lifestyle, whether that means hiking or […]

4 Finnish-Inspired Life Lessons To Live a Happy Life

Here in Canada, winters can feel drawn out, long after the first day of spring. To give you some perspective, let’s travel (virtually, of course) to Vettä’s nordic country of inspiration: Finland. Finland sees roughly 200 days of winter every year, two months without sunlight, and many days where the temperature falls below zero. And […]

When Ghosts Go To Sauna: Kekri in Finland

As Halloween approaches, Canadians across the country are putting up decorations, brushing off their costumes, and watching plenty of scary movies. In Finland, however, this time of the year looks a little different. While Halloween has migrated across the ocean, Finland celebrates the turn of the seasons with Kekri. We thought it’d be fun to […]

6 Ways a Finnish Spa Helps You Focus on Your Body and Mind

Woman lying on grass with her hands towards the viewer in a heart shape

A spa day is shorthand for pampering yourself, but it can actually be much more beneficial to both your body and your mind than you might realize. Sure, it’s time to focus on yourself, but the time spent in such a way isn’t a luxury – it really should be a necessity. Today, we’re going […]

Silence and Socialization at the Spa

socialization at the spa vetta nordic spa blog

With Valentine’s Day and Family Day behind us, February can feel like a time for others rather than a time to take for ourselves.  Sometimes, when life gets busy, you just need a little quiet time. It also depends on what kind of person you are. Some people relish their quiet time and find socialization […]

Christmas in Finland: Food, Family, and Saunas

There’s something special and lovely about the end of the year. Here in Canada (and certainly in Finland), temperatures drop but spirits are high, lights glimmer on trees and streetlamps, and music drifts through the air alongside fluffy snowflakes. As we get ready for the holiday season, similar preparations are taking place in Finland. From […]