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6 Ways a Finnish Spa Helps You Focus on Your Body and Mind

A spa day is shorthand for pampering yourself, but it can actually be much more beneficial to both your body and your mind than you might realize. Sure, it’s time to focus on yourself, but the time spent in such a way isn’t a luxury – it really should be a necessity. Today, we’re going to look at how a day at a Finnish spa can reinvigorate both your body and your soul, and how these will help improve your day-to-day when you return to your regular routine.

1. Renew Your Body By Flushing Out Toxins

A hallmark of any good Finnish spa, like Vetta, is the sauna. In the sauna, your only task is to sit, relax, and sweat – and it’s this last stage that helps flush toxins out of your body. As you sweat, your pores dilate and open. Your body is designed to naturally expel waste through your sweat, but unless you lead an extremely active lifestyle, you might not be sweating as much as you should.

In a sauna, you’re sweating out all the accumulated gunk your skin has been holding onto, and with regular water breaks between sauna sessions, you’ll leave feeling cleaner, lighter, and refreshed.

2. Boost Your Immune System for Better Health

Sauna use has a long association with better health, but why? Part of the reason has to do with your white blood cells, which are also your body’s first line of defense against infection or illness. A single sauna session helps stimulate the production of more white blood cells, especially in athletes. When you combine that with the other amenities found at a Finnish spa, such as healthy food and relaxation pools, you create the ideal environment for your body to relax and focus on rejuvenating its natural resources.

3. It’s the Best-Kept Social Secret

When you imagine a sauna, either at a Finnish or Nordic spa, what do you picture? Yourself, sitting alone in a hot room? We’re happy to report that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In Finland, saunas are a social experience. Everyone, from board executives to coworkers to house guests, enjoys the sauna together.

4. Prime Your Body for Your Best Athletic Performance

Sitting in a sauna may feel relaxing, but your body is actually being put through a gentle strain from the heat. As you use the sauna more regularly, your body becomes accustomed to the heat and grows stronger from each subsequent session. Those same improvements in strength and breath control transfer over to your athletic performance, allowing you to recover more quickly from exercise and, in some cases, to even heal faster from an injury.

5. Tap Into Your Meditative Zone

In the sauna of a Finnish spa, there are no distractions. No magazines, no phones, no computers – just you, your friends, and your thoughts for the next fifteen minutes. If you’re sharing the sauna with friends, this is a good time to chat and catch up. If you’re there on your own (or if you and your friends simply want to pass a session quietly), the sauna is a great place to get acquainted with your own thoughts. Focus on your heart beating, or the inhale or exhale of your breath. Relax – that’s what the sauna’s all about.

6. Say Goodbye to the Outside World for a Few Hours

At a Finnish spa, more often than not, you’ll be asked to leave your phone outside the spa area. This follows in the true spirit of a Finnish sauna: to connect with yourself, your community, and nature. Phones (especially smartphones) are a pathway to the worries and stress of the entire planet. For those few hours you spend at the spa, give yourself a break from appointments and to-do lists by saying no to your phone.

At Vetta Spa, our goal is not only to provide you with an unforgettable experience but also to empower you to take on your day-to-day challenges with a reinvigorated spirit and a rested body. We look forward to welcoming you through our doors to experience our signature saunas, our hot and cool pools, and our massage vista.

If you’d like to learn more about our Finnish spa, and to be one of the first to hear about new updates, make sure you sign up for our newsletter!

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