At Vetta Nordic Spa, we take our lessons on how to live happily from the people of Finland.

4 Finnish-Inspired Life Lessons To Live a Happy Life

Here in Canada, winters can feel drawn out, long after the first day of spring.

To give you some perspective, let’s travel (virtually, of course) to Vettä’s nordic country of inspiration: Finland. Finland sees roughly 200 days of winter every year, two months without sunlight, and many days where the temperature falls below zero. And yet, Finland has ranked first for the happiest country in the world four years in a row. So today, we decided to list some Finnish-inspired life lessons we can implement into our day-to-day lives in the hopes that we can all be a little bit happier.


1. Tackle Challenges With Sisu

As one can imagine, when you live in a country where there are 200 days of winter, you face a variety of weather conditions. Sisu is an ideology founded in fortitude, meaning persevering despite the challenges in your life. It’s about not waiting for a sunny day to get outside; bundle up, prepare the best you can and get out there! For the Finns, that core of well-being is often rooted in nature: braving the cold and snow to bike to work or taking a dip in the icy lake after a relaxing sauna.

Finland is a country of extremes: cold plunges after hot saunas, dark days followed by the midnight sun. They recognize that challenges are a part of life and accept that negative feelings are a normal part of life.


2. Enjoy The Outdoors

Spending outdoors in nature has been proven to boast numerous health benefits, including reduced blood pressure, decreased stress, and overall improved mood. Spending time in nature is an intrinsic part of Finnish culture. Forests cover 70% of the country’s land area, which means Finland is often referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” due to the tens of thousands of lakes in the country. In previous blogs, we’ve talked about how saunas and being one with nature are a part of Finnish culture. Embrace the outdoors; it’s good for you!


3. Live a Minimalist Life

We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness”, which is fundamental in how you choose to live your life. Finnish people often embrace a minimalist lifestyle, choosing sustainable, functional items that will stand the test of time. Living a minimalist lifestyle offers many benefits, including reducing your ecological footprint. Purchasing second-hand items rather than new ones is a means of reducing the impact on the environment. In Finland, there is “Cleaning Day” or “Siivouspäivä”, a community-driven event where the city of Helsinki becomes an outdoor flea market. You can set up a stand wherever you wish to sell your used items.


4. Stay Humble and Banish The Barriers

Finnish people do not generally brag about any wealth and success. Instead, in a place where there are over 3.3 million saunas (with a population of over 5 million), it is common practice to enjoy a sauna completely in the nude. Saunas are thought of as a community togetherness that banishes any hierarchical barriers that may exist between coworkers, friends, or family. Even from an early age, Finns are used to being in saunas with friends and family. Saunas are considered a place to purify the body and soul, with the community togetherness extending the benefits to solely that of the individual.


Vettä Nordic Spa: Inspired By Finnish Culture

Vettä Nordic Spa is an authentic Finish spa nestled in the beautiful forests of Horseshoe Valley. You will be able to experience the age-old Finnish tradition of hydrotherapy, our saunas, and our Finnish cuisine.

We can’t wait to open our doors to you this summer. To keep updated with all the latest information, sign up for our mailing list.

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